Media Links

Check out these awesome projects Amy was fortunate enough to be part of:

The Covid Garden Workshop

From the Appalshop Website:

“In the fall of 2020, a group of food growers from eastern Kentucky and eastern Tennessee gathered together to tell and share their COVID stories. In this radio documentary (1 of 4 radio stories), Amy Richardson from Olive Hill, KY talks about a long life of gardening and food growing, her love for Kentucky soil, the affect this time of pandemic will have on later generations, and lessons learned from the garden.”

Pursuing Fearless by Cultivating Peace

From the Pursuing Fearless Podcast Website:

“In this episode, Jessi discusses the happy accident of Amy Richardson’s successful farm. The two talk about the intersection of art and agriculture and rolling with change.”

Lexington Poetry Month

You can sign up too!

Write a poem a day during June and share on the Lexington Poetry Month site (linked below just click “Learn More”).


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